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Round One… Fight!!!

November 6, 2009

I finally just bought Street Fighter 4 for the PS3 last night. It’s pretty cool! So far I’ve had a lot of fun with it.

I’ve been a big fan of the Street Fighter franchise since part 2 came out back in 1991. I worked at an arcade at the time of it’s debut and it was all anybody played.

Playing the latest game inspired me to dig up an old character design I’d created back in 2004. Since it was in black and white, I decided to colorize in Photoshop it today.

The dude’s name is Dash and he’s, you guessed it, a gay Street Fighter! Yay! He’s sort of a combination of Ken, Vega and Adon, my three faves.


DASH – The Flaming Fist of Fury
“I never met a man I couldn’t lick.”
Nationality: American
Age: 23
Height: 6’0 ” Weight: 160 lbs
Hair Color: Sandy Blonde
Eye Color: Baby Blue
Blood Type: B Positive
Occupation: Police Detective
Likes: Guys with gorgeous eyes. Pizza (Hand-tossed.) The beach.
Dislikes: Name calling. People who are not true to themselves.
Fighting Style: Muay Thai Kickboxing
Special Techniques: Flaming Dash Uppercut, Flaming Feet Kick

• Very quick and agile fighter. Uses flirtation to confuse and fluster both male and female opponents, then moves in for the final blow.

• Weaknesses: Attraction to good-looking men causes distraction; Flirtation ineffectual against non-human opponents (i.e. monsters, cyborgs, aliens, etc.)

• Works as a police detective by day and fights in the local kickboxing league by night.

That’s all the stuff I came up with for him… Now if only I could get Capcom to include him in an upcoming game! lol