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Green Lantern – Kyle Rayner

December 20, 2009

In honor of DC Comics not killing off Kyle Rayner, I decided to draw another fan pic of him! (See issues #42 & #43 of GL Corps) Being that he’s my all-time, favorite comic book character, I realized I hadn’t ever drawn him in his current costume.

I pencilled this & then colorized it in Photoshop. The most challenging part was colorizing the black part of his costume. Overall, this was a very fun pic to work on!

You can also check out the pic I did of a male Star Sapphire at my deviantART gallery. I’ve posted tons of stuff there. Enjoy!



Green Lantern Lives!!!

December 17, 2009



Ok, so last month I was all pissed that DC comics killed off my all-time, favorite character, Kyle Rayner. Well, I just finished reading Green Lantern Corp #43 and, to my great relief, Kyle LIVES!!!

In the beginning of the issue Kyle lay dead on the planet of Oa after having defeated several attacking Black Lanterns. His power ring flew off his finger and proceeded on it’s way to space sector 2266. Two GL Corps members, Guy Gardner and Soranik Natu, rushed to his body. His death was too much for both of them to bear and Guy’s rage  allowed a Red Lantern ring to posses him. Natu, a surgeon and Kyle’s lover, attempted to revive him while Guy went on a rampage.

As Natu worked to bring her beloved back, a Black Lantern ring flew in and attempted to turn him into a zombie… But before it could command him to “rise”, an Indigo Lantern, with the power to destroy black rings, along with the rest of the GL Corps, jumped in to save the day!

Meanwhile, in another sector, Star Sapphire Miri, a Violet Lantern who had helped Kyle and Natu on a previous adventure, was informed by her ring that Kyle’s life was about to be extinguished. She immediately sped to his aid. Using Natu and Kyle’s love for each other, she used the power of the Star Sapphires to bring Kyle back to life!

Kyle and Natu embraced and then suddenly his power ring returned to restore him back to the Green Lantern Corps! The surrounding GL Corps members then informed Kyle of Guy’s current status as a Red Lantern and they decided to go help their friend.

And, oh yeah, on the very last page, Mogo, the planetary Green Lantern, showed up, for who knows what. Then it was “to be continued”!

Whew! What an issue! I can’t believe how much shit happened in this! It totally made up for what I thought was Kyle’s demise in the end of last issue. I was glad to see the GL’s finally kick some ass!

It was a very intense issue! When that Black Lantern ring slid onto Kyle’s hand, I was like “Oh, NO, you just didn’t!” I loved how the other hero Lanterns all rallied to help Natu bring Kyle back.

I usually don’t care much for Guy Gardner, but seeing he got as pissed as I did over Kyle’s death, I was like, “Hell, yes! Destroy those damned Black Lanterns, dude!” Now that Kyle’s okay, I’m sure he’ll be able to save Guy in the next issue.

The art by Patrick Gleason was top notch this issue. The splash page featuring Kyle’s return to the GL Corps was very sexy! And the script by Peter J. Tomasi was great. Like I said, it kept me in suspense the whole time! I was actually overcome with joy when Kyle came back. I guess it’s because of how much I love the character, but Mr. Tomasi really made me FEEL with this particular story arc!

After I finished the issue, all I could think was, “Thank you DC, for not killing off my all-time, favorite comic book character!” Yes, Kyle Rayner, Green Lantern LIVES!!!


R.I.P. Green Lantern…

November 11, 2009



I have one more HUGE reason to hate DC’s “Blackest Night”. I just finished reading Green Lantern Corps #42 and was caught off guard by the last page. Kyle Rayner, my favorite, all-time comic book character, is dead

Kyle died on Oa while carrying an Alpha Lantern Heart which had been ripped out by a Black Lantern. It was about to explode, so he flew up next to a group of Black Lanterns that were going to destroy the Green Lantern Central Power Battery. He said his good byes to his friends, and then BOOM! After the smoke cleared, the Black Lanterns were gone and Kyle lay on the ground motionless as his power ring flew off his finger, declared him dead, and went off to space sector 2261 for some reason.

All I can say is, this better be a fake-out! DC better NOT kill off my all-time FAVORITE character! Hopefully he will be revived next issue by his current girlfriend Soranik Natu, a fellow GL Corps member who’s also a surgeon.

It’s always like a slap in the face when a favorite comic character is killed off. I used to be a big fan of DC’s Azreal (Jean-Paul Valley). But his book didn’t sell that well, so DC offed him!

Sigh, many of the characters I get attached to end up dying. But they usually come back somehow a little while later. So as I said before, I hope Kyle’s death isn’t real.

Until I find out Kyle’s true fate, I’m gonna be one sad GL fan… Sob.



Me As Green Lantern

November 2, 2009

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! Russell and I went to visit my parents for the weekend and we helped my Mom decorate her front porch, carve jack-o-lanterns and hand out candy. It was a lot of fun!

Here is a photo of me from a couple years ago when I dressed up as Green Lantern for my brother’s Halloween party. I based it on Kyle Rayner’s costume when he had the Ion powers.

Making the costume was fun. Since I’m a geek for anything GL, I already had the shirt and power ring, but I had to make the mask out of felt. I got a green blazer and wore that under the shirt with the logo. The pants were just black sweat pants and I borrowed the boots from a friend. The gloves were just some old ones we had laying around.

Finally, I worked out like crazy to bulk up… well, actually I padded myself with cotton! lol. Which made the costume really hot. Anyway, I had a blast being Green Lantern for Halloween.



Stupid “Blackest Night”… Hawt Kyle Rayner!

October 15, 2009

It’s “New Comic Book Day” and I just finished reading Green Lantern Corps #41 from DC Comics. The “Blackest Night” bullshit is still going strong. I’m a big fan of Green Lantern, but I fucking hate zombies!!!

The Black Lantern zombies are awful! They rip out hearts to gain power so they can create new corps members. It’s disgusting!!! The writers are going way too far with the horror angle on this. I thought Green Lantern was supposed to be a science fiction comic. I keep waiting for this dumb-ass story line to be over!

Anyway, the one good thing to come from the issue was this hot pic of Kyle Rayner! Damn, he look fine!



Green Lantern: First Flight

September 30, 2009

Being the fan that I am of Green Lantern, I had to mention the recent animated movie Green Lantern: First Flight”. It was released in July on DVD and Blu-Ray  and features Hal Jordan as everybody’s favorite GL. I LOVED this movie! It was so action packed and immersive. Any fan of GL should own this.


One of my favorite aspects about “First Flight” is that Hal gets the ring and becomes GL in like the first five minutes of the movie. I’m so glad they didn’t spend an hour on his origin. I think I’ve seen enough superhero origin stories, thank you, so it was nice to just jump right into the action!

I also appreciated that this didn’t focus on a romance between Hal and his girlfriend, Carol Ferris. One of the things that bored me about 2006’s “Superman Returns” was that it was more of a love story than a superhero movie. “First Flight” leaves Carol behind in favor of getting our hero out into space and off on a cool adventure.

Even though I mentioned that I’m a big Kyle Rayner fan, Hal Jordan as Green Lantern kicked ass! I loved his portrayal in this. He had just the right amount of cockiness about him and was very likable. Sinestro (GL nemesis) was really cool too. After seeing this, I have a new appreciation for both characters.

The animation was great, the characters looked fantastic, and I was engrossed by the story. It was everything I hoped it would be. Plus, It was a nice change of pace to have a superhero movie that was so heavily sci-fi. Most superhero movies take place on Earth… in New York… So I was glad that I got to see a different environment finally.

I bought my version on Blu-Ray at Best Buy and it came packed with an exclusive figure of Green Lantern based on his costume from the movie. SCORE! This little figure is too cool and went right into my collection of GL figures that I have on display.


All in all, this was a super-fun purchase! I’ve watched it many times since I bought it. I’ve even started hunting down old comics from the 60’s thru the 80’s that featured Hal Jordan. That’s how much I loved it! After seeing this, it makes me wish that someone would produce an animated series starring the Green Lantern Corps. I recommend it to all GL fans! Thank you DC!