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Sketches of Zack

November 4, 2009

I thought I’d share some sketches I did for that last page we posted of Blue Comet and Fusion called “Home Sweet Home”. I drew a full body image of Zack in my sketch book with the intention of using the whole thing on the page. But because there was a lot of dialogue, we had to crop much of Mr. Savage out of the panel. So, here is a glimpse of what I had hoped to fit on the page along with a couple other images. Enjoy!




A Hero & His Boyfriend

October 21, 2009

As I was looking for another image to post, I came across this illustration of Blue Comet and Justin. I created it  a while back as a promotional piece. It even appeared in Instinct Magazine in the May 2008 issue when our boys were featured in a “couple’s quiz”.

Here we have Blue Comet in a tender moment with his boyfriend, Justin Summers, with their hometown of Golden Bay City in the background. Awww…



Blue Comet & Fusion’s Super-Gay Fantasy Wear!

October 9, 2009

Recently, when Russ and I did the pages for Blue Comet and Fusion in which they journeyed to another dimension, I thought it would be fun to have them change their costumes to fit the fantasy setting. I wanted the costumes to be sexy and stylish and was inspired by the creative fashions of Final Fantasy games. Those games have some of the hottest men around! (I’d love to get in the sack with Tidus from Final Fantasy X, he’s such a cutie!!!) Ahem… Anyway, the outfits are some of the most interesting designs I’ve ever seen.

So, below is the initial concept design I came up with for Blue Comet and Fusion’s Super-Gay Fantasy Wear! At first I drew the boys sans shirts as you can see. (Hell, I draw them with their shirts off any chance I get!) But, as I began illustrating the pages, Russ and I realized they looked just a little “too gay”, lol, so I covered up their mid-sections. (Aww…) Adding the shirts meant a change on Fusion’s color scheme. We changed his cape to blue to go along with his red shirt, and made his shoulder armor completely yellow.

It was fun coming up with these different looks for Blue Comet and Fusion. If you’re unfamiliar with what I’ve been referring to, check out the pages from our “Fantasy Adventure” here. Just click the menu at the bottom of the page, scroll down and select “Savage Returns” to start the story. Have fun!



Hyper Fusion

September 24, 2009

Today I decided to post the follow up image I did of our second main Character from “Boy Meets Hero”, Fusion. This is him all powered up into his super sexy Hyper-Form! It goes along with my first image of Hyper Blue Comet. I had a blast drawing both of these images. There’s nothing I love more than drawing, hot dudes! (Well, except for sex, ahem…) Anyway, Enjoy!



Hyper Blue Comet

September 23, 2009

First off, thanks for joining me on my very first venture into the realm of blogging! Welcome! My boyfriend and I have been working on our independent-gay-super-hero-comic “Boy Meets Hero” for the past few years now. As an illustrator, I’m constantly doodling in my sketchbook. I love drawing hot guys!!! I’m always coming up with various characters and stuff, and I thought it would be fun to share some of them. Sometimes, if I really like one of my drawings, I’ll scan it and colorize it in Photoshop.

I wanted to start off my first post with a pic of one of our main characters. This is Blue Comet in his Hyper-Form. I designed it sorta like a trading card… I wanted to make it as sexy and dynamic as possible! Hope you likey!!!