About Chayne


Hi there, I’m Chayne! This is a pic of me and my life-partner Russell (I’m the one on the left). We’re the creators of the gay-themed web site “Boy Meets Hero Comics”. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I grew up in Roswell, New Mexico and although my name starts with a “C”, it’s pronounced “Shane”. Science-fiction and comic books captured my interest at an early age and I love to draw the characters that inspire my imagination. After taking art classes throughout middle-school and high-school, I decided to make art my career. I met  Russell in 1993 in college, due to the fact that we shared the same art classes. After graduation, we moved to Albuquerque where we continue to share our lives together along with our two dogs Kira and Haley.

I really love fantasy. I mean I really, really love it! I prefer it so much more over reality. As long as I can remember I always wanted real life to be like the worlds that I was first introduced to as a child. Anyone who knows me might say that I’m a tad obsessed with “make-believe”. Go ahead, ask me who has the Power-Cosmic or what Cybertron is. I can tell you the answers in a heartbeat! Anyway, I suppose I never grew out of that phase of my life. To this day I still love things that take me back to my carefree days as a kid; cartoons, action figures and of course, comic books!

I’ve been a fan of main-stream comic books for, like, ever. Being gay, I of course tend to favor male heroes that also happen to be very, very hot! (Go figure!) Two such characters, the tight-spandex wearing Green Lantern and the Human Torch, are such hotties (pun intended) that I wish they would one day discover the love that dare not speak it’s name, and, pardon the expression, get busy! Of course I know that will never happen, Green Lantern is DC and Human Torch is Marvel, they’re from two completely different universes! Oh, yeah, they also happen to be straight… BOO! Yes, I find it a hard truth to deal with, but unfortunately, hardly any of the heroes in mainstream comics are gay like myself.

So, also being an artist, I decided to create my own super hero who is not only hot, but also gay! YAY! That way, all the other fans out there who, like me, had only the straight heroes to read about, could turn to a gay hero as well. This character would be someone who would have two secret identities: being a super hero and being gay. So one fateful day, I asked my own, real-life, artistically-talented and very hot boyfriend Russell, if he would be interested in collaborating on a web comic with me, and “Boy Meets Hero” was born!

“Boy Meets Hero” is a hard cover graphic novel that started out as a web comic. It’s about a super hero who is idolized in the world in which he lives. His popularity gives him celebrity status, and similar to, oh I don’t know… Clay Aiken, he felt compelled to hide his sexual orientation by pretending to be straight. The story focuses on this hero coming to terms with being gay and embracing who he really is. It also has some tasteful scenes featuring naked guys, what red-blooded, gay-boy doesn’t want that!!! Anyway, with the help of his boyfriend and his closest friends, said hero embarks on a journey of heroics and self discovery. It is a tale that I hope many readers out there will find relatable, humorous and heartwarming.

After we finished the graphic novel, we created follow-up adventures called “Blue Comet and Fusion”. These have taken the form of a 3-part digital down-loadable comic, as well as further postings on our web site. To check ’em out, head on over to our main site: www.boymeetshero.com



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