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Now accepting commission requests!

January 17, 2010

– 9 x 12 original and signed, finished pencil drawing on heavy vellum paper
– One character
– No background
– $25 plus shipping

– 9 x 12 original and signed, finished Pencil Drawing on heavy vellum paper
– A signed, digitally colored print on high quality glossy paper
– One character
– No background
– $50 plus shipping

Payment accepted through PayPal.

All art will ship via USPS Priority Mail.
– $5.00 Within United States
– $12.00 Canada or Mexico
– $14.00 International

The above basic options are only the beginning! We’ll do more complex illustrations with multiple characters and backgrounds as well as larger format images too! Just send us the details of what you want and we’ll give you an estimate!

Send us your detailed request first and then we’ll contact you with acceptance of the project, an estimate of completion, and amount due including shipping.

We require payment before we’ll begin a project. Completion and shipment can take up to 2 weeks upon receipt of payment.

All pieces are final so BE SPECIFIC about what you want. Almost anything goes… superheroes, fantasy and sci-fi characters, hot guys, whatever you fancy. Just email us with your idea and we’ll let you know if we can handle it. We will offer preliminary sketch approval or revisions for an additional fee and upon request only. Otherwise we’ll produce the drawing based on your request and at our discretion.

View some of our work at our deviant art gallery to get an overview of what we can do for you.

This is pricing for individuals only. We do offer other graphic design services for advertising, graphic design or any other corporate interests. Please contact us contact us for pricing and availability.