Some Hot Pirate Action

Avast! I’ve been having fun creating some illustrations of hot, sexy fantasy men. After watching the Pirates of the Caribbean movies one day, I felt like drawing a sexy pirate. I came up with the basic body on my own and referenced some of my Jack Sparrow & Will Turner action figures to come up with his outfit. I guess he forgot his shirt back on his ship. (The guys I draw tend to do that a lot! lol)

I also have a gallery up on deviantART if you wanna browse some of my other projects. I uploaded this image there and my bf Russ has some photography stuff there as well.

Drink up me hearties, yo ho!


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6 Comments on “Some Hot Pirate Action”

  1. Jezza Says:

    He can shiver me timber any time!
    So glad you started a blog! Your fans (i.e. Me :)) Deserve to enjoy pieces like this!

  2. Craig Says:

    very hot!! i love your work. keep it up cuz i am drooling for more. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Joss Says:

    More boy meets hero
    it rocks, also keep up with the good stuff (by that i mean art the more you draw the better the comic gets), the straight nerd’s think the story rocks. and so do i

    • boymeetshero Says:

      Thanks Joss! I’m so glad you think our comic rocks! I’m trying to improve my style by drawing more characters like the pirate. I want to keep getting better so I’ve been drawing like crazy over the past few weeks!

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