R.I.P. Green Lantern…



I have one more HUGE reason to hate DC’s “Blackest Night”. I just finished reading Green Lantern Corps #42 and was caught off guard by the last page. Kyle Rayner, my favorite, all-time comic book character, is dead

Kyle died on Oa while carrying an Alpha Lantern Heart which had been ripped out by a Black Lantern. It was about to explode, so he flew up next to a group of Black Lanterns that were going to destroy the Green Lantern Central Power Battery. He said his good byes to his friends, and then BOOM! After the smoke cleared, the Black Lanterns were gone and Kyle lay on the ground motionless as his power ring flew off his finger, declared him dead, and went off to space sector 2261 for some reason.

All I can say is, this better be a fake-out! DC better NOT kill off my all-time FAVORITE character! Hopefully he will be revived next issue by his current girlfriend Soranik Natu, a fellow GL Corps member who’s also a surgeon.

It’s always like a slap in the face when a favorite comic character is killed off. I used to be a big fan of DC’s Azreal (Jean-Paul Valley). But his book didn’t sell that well, so DC offed him!

Sigh, many of the characters I get attached to end up dying. But they usually come back somehow a little while later. So as I said before, I hope Kyle’s death isn’t real.

Until I find out Kyle’s true fate, I’m gonna be one sad GL fan… Sob.



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6 Comments on “R.I.P. Green Lantern…”

  1. Ken Says:

    Hey Chayne,

    Don’t feel bad about Kyle. I too, was mad when DC killed off Conner (Superboy) a couble years back. But that was due to legal issues about the right to use the Superboy name. But if you ask me, some people do not like the idea that of Conner being created from Clark’s and Lex’s DNA. (Something of a Clark/Lex slash fiction if you ask me!) I’m sure Kyle will come back eventually. Give them time. Who knows, maybe the ring is heading toward Terry Berg? Just a thought.


    • boymeetshero Says:

      Hey, Ken. Thanks so much for the comment. I was upset as well when Conner died, I liked him a lot. I remember getting Young Justice comics because I loved Superboy, Robin & Impulse. DC has some sort of vendetta against characters that debuted in the ’90s. I wonder if anyone at DC even remembers Terry Berg. A gay Green Lantern would be way cool, though! I just hope that Kyle will pull thru. I guess Dying in the superhero universe is like a rite of passage. Everyone does it at least once.

  2. Craig Says:

    I just read that issue! I can’t beleive it! It has to be undone before the storyline is over. It just has too. I was so mad when my fav hero Conner Kent Superboy was killed years ago, but now he is back! So, Kyle will have to come back. Will he now be a Black Lantern and then miraculously be brought back to life at the end of the Blackest Night mini? It seems Kyle has had it rough in the last few years, going from the last Green Lantern to Ion to Parallax to Honor Guard. I am seriously hoping this isn’t the end. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed, won’t you join me?

    • boymeetshero Says:

      My fingers are definitely crossed, Craig. Kyle HAS to come back! I agree, he has had it rough since Geoff Johns wrote Green Lantern: Rebirth & made Hal the main GL. Kyle got seriously demoted. But I’ve followed him faithfully this whole time. I hope he doesn’t become a Black Lantern, that would be disgusting. Maybe he’ll become the speculated White Lantern that everyone is talking about on the message boards, who knows. But judging how DC feels about the character, I doubt it. At least DC Direct is coming out with an action figure of Kyle’s latest costume early next year. That’s why I was shocked that they killed him off. I thought that him having a figure meant that he would be a bigger player in this dreadful “Blackest Night” debacle.

      I appreciate your comment. It’s rough when one’s favorite comic character is killed off. Thanks for letting me know you care. 🙂

      • Craig Says:

        I haven’t read anything about a White Lantern. Sounds interesting. But based on the Blackest Night Titans mini, if there was a White Lantern, then it may be the newest female Dove, of Hawk and Dove fame. But same as you, I’d like Kyle alive and back to his old self. He is my Gren Lantern always. And, he always had the greatest butt shots LOL I have to see where this story is going. It better be good!!

      • boymeetshero Says:

        I totally agree, Craig. Kyle had the best butt shots in all of DC! lol I’m still hopeful that he’ll return soon.

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